Friday, April 07, 2006

Musings 134--Leaking from the top down.

In 2003 Bush jr. said he hated leakers and that they would be dealt with accordingly. I wonder if he will now fire himself? Nah, not a chance...he will get away with this just like he got away with starting an unprovoked war in Iraq.

Lewis "Scooter" Libby is now rattling off the events that got his ass charged with lying to federal prosecutors. He is telling them that it all came from the top. (See Link) It seems that Bush jr. feels that he has the right to declassify documents on a whim. Other presidents followed strict procedures when they declassified files. Of course, Bush jr. can do what he wants because 9-11 changed the world. I know this because he says it every time he speaks.

It is also interesting that Bush jr. said that he was going to lead his own investigation into who leaked information to the press. Well, no wonder we didn't see any evidence of him doing so. He already knew who the leaker was. When you leak from the top down, every body gets damp. "Scooter" is looking awfully drowned these days.

I just saw the AP News poll that said that Bush jr. was at 36% approval rating. It is his lowest yet. Well, if the american people are paying attention, he can still slide farther. I mean, seven more points and he is in the twenties. I'd love to see how that spin that. Hail, the Leaker-in-Chief! Drip...drip....drip....splat!


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