Thursday, March 23, 2006

Musings 129--Bush is the Straw Man

So the AP is taking it on the chin for pointing out that Bush jr. uses a technique called the " straw man" to create fake positions that he can knock down like...well, a straw man. (See Link)

Since the first time I heard him speak, Bush jr. has done the "straw man" thing. He is constantly using phrases like "some say" or "many feel." Usually, when he does this he is presenting a warped picture of what his political oponnets are saying. What he is doing is creating a monster that he can slay for his partisan hacks, who then take the message and spin it any way they wish. Bush jr. may be dumber than a box of hammers, but he understands the "straw man" technique.

I submit that Bush jr. is the original "straw man," himself. He is nothing like he wishes us to perceive him. He is a narrow-minded man with little compassion for the world around him. He ran as a compassionate conservative. He has proven to be neither. Bill Clinton was way more of a fiscal conservative than Bush jr.

Bush jr. says he is for smaller government. Well, government has gotten bigger under his watch. Bush jr. says that he is for individual freedoms. Under him, individual freedoms have been decreased. Bush jr. says that he is strong on national defense. Today, we are hate by more people in the world than at any time in recent history. Plus, we cannot address places like North Korea and Iran due to the spreading thin of American forces.

It has taken nearly six years, but the American people are starting to see what a "straw man" that George W. Bush is. I guess it is better late than never, but not by much.


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