Friday, March 10, 2006

Musings 123--Of Olbermann and O'Conner

Bill O'Reilly is sending the Fox Secret Police to beat up on people that mention Keith Olbermann's name on his radio show. You think I' m joking? Nope. (See Link)

Olbermann interviewed a school teacher that O'Reilly deep-sixed on his radio show. Always being one for the dramatic, Keith used backlighting to hide the fellow's face. He is afraid that the Fox Secret Police will beat the snot out of him if they really know what he looks like.

Apparently, Big Head Bill will never again tolerate the name of Olbermann on his show. The back lit guy had the Fox Secret Police guy's message on his answering machine. It was hilarious...if it wasn't so sad.

Big Head Bill has lost it.

Now about Sandra Day O'Conner, she gave a talk yesterday that was rather eye-opening. (See Link) She cautioned her audience that we might be heading toward a dictatorship in this country. She said we all need to take heed. Well, hell...there is a news flash!

She seemed particularly upset over the calling of the impeachment of sitting judges by pundits and lawmakers, alike. Tom DeLay comes immediately to mind. But Ronnie Earls seems to be taking care of him quite nicely down in Texas.

Big Head Bill is also one of the folks that is on the warpath against judges who give one decision that he does not like. He was doing it last night. He loves to paint the picture that he is "looking out for you."

If Sandra Day is so worried about the government turning into a dictatorship; then, she should have allowed television cameras in to record her speech. It all starts with freedom of the press and freedom of speech.


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