Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Musings 113--Ports Ahoy!

So the Bushies want to turn over our major seaports to the United Arab Emeriates. I guess they forgot that some of the monies for 9-11 flowed through this government--not to mention that two of the hijackers were from that tiny country. What part of "a bad idea" don't they get?

Add in the fact that Bush Jr. didn't even know that the state department had brokered the deal to begin with. (See Link) And, when he does find out he jumps headlong into defending it. He even threatened a veto. Wow!

Bush Jr. also seems to think that everybody should be for such a deal because the CIA looked into it before it was approved. Now there is something to take stock in. The same guys who screwed up intelligence in Iraq before the war want you to believe that they got it right this time. Not hardly! (See Link)

I have not seen an issue that democrats and republicans have both felt so passionately about. It shows hope. I'd love to see congress override Bush jr. first veto. It only takes a two-thirds vote to do so.

Bush Jr. says that he doesn't want the good Arabs to think badly of us. Well, he keeps telling us we are in a war. If that is true; then, the only ones we can totally trust are ourselves. Folks just wouldn't feel safe with a government owned company running U.S. ports. There is just too much chance for error. It only takes one bad egg to smuggle those mystic WMD's. I mean, somebody must have them--besides us.

The argument that Bush Jr. makes that the British were running it before they sold out does not hold water due to the fact that it was a British company that was not owned by the Queen. The government of the UAE owns this business. Thus, you'd have a country controlling America's biggest ports. That in effect would be "Ports Ahoy!"


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