Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good-by little shrub...

He is gone!!!!

Shrub Bush is flying away to Dallas. I say: "Don't let the door hit you in the ass."

The proof that anyone can be president and "screw it up" has left the building. I'm at peace. Someone smarter than me is now president.

Enjoy your day President Obama. Things get tougher tomorrow.

Hell, I may start posting again..........................................or, maybe not.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Things are weird...

I have no idea why my last blog won't let me double space between paragraphs. Maybe it is the gremlin in the machine.

Today is the day for team Obama to come up with the vp pick. The world waits with bated breath. Well, maybe not, but it is about time.

John McCain likes to say that he is the candidate that everyone knows. Well, who knew he had between seven and fourteen places that he lived. I mean, that is wealthy, wealthy and more wealthy. I thought he was a mid-class guy. No so!!!! So I guess we didn't know old John as well as we thought we did.

I am waiting for Obama to dig up dirt on McCain's dealing with the Keating five bank scandal back in the late 80's. Not a peep yet. You can't tell me that there is no some good stuff floating around on that.

The Americans rule in the Olympic games. Sure China has more gold, but we got lots more medals. Don't you just love beach volleyball? I know I do.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Been a while and then some...

Well, I kind of fell of the turnip truck on writing. Mostly, I have been totally turned off by the entire political process.

After much thought and contemplation, I have decided to get back at it. So without further ado, here we go again.

* * * * * * * * * *
If you are making bets on who will be the vp's for the two presidential candidates; then, you have to go with Joe Biden for the dems and Tom Ridge for the republicans. Old Joe gives Obama instant creds in foreign policy. As for Ridge...well, John McCain likes him. That about sums things up.
Little Bush continues to prove that he is the worst president in the history of the office. When his "buddy" Putin is invading Georgia, he is ogling the females beach volleyball team. Plus, there is the rumor that he was drunk as a monkey in the stands. The good thing is that no matter what happens in November, Baby Bush will be gone, and our long national nightmare will be at an end. Of course, it will take two decades to undo the mess that he has created world wide.
I saw some pictures of Little Bush stumbling around, and I will see if I can hunt them down and post them later.
You know that there is still a war going on in Iraq and Afganistan. Watching the national news, one might conclude that there is not. Maybe we snuck out in the dead of night. Hmmmm.
Mr. Obama's plan of 16 months and out seems to be the one that the Iraqi's like. Afganistan is another matter. It could be years unless we take out the bad guys hidden in Pakistan.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Musings: George Bush lies? Really!

So, will the National Intelligence Estimate that says that Iran stopped their nuclear weapons program in 2003 be spun by the Bushies to say that it is still ongoing? Methinks that they will spin the hell out of it. It is already starting. (See Link).

Bush jr. is saying that Iran had a program, "but they could restart it." Shit! He's like a kite on the wind. Oh, well...moving

VP, the Dark Lord of the Shit, Dick Cheney says that he will. There are enough lemmings in the Republician Party to follow him off a cliff...or, into another needless war. Whichever.

Little Bush seems to be in a pertetual state of Pissed-offed-ness. Even when he smiles, his little beady eyes are full of angry. It is enough to drive a man to drink. Now that is scary, Bush off the wagon with a year to go. Wow! Look at the two photos below and tell me there is not rage in those eyes.

And.... the second is with little kids. Scary!

In both examples, Bush jr. may or may not be smiling out the outside, but his eyes give it away.

My prediction for 2008 is that Bushie loses it at some point and goes bonkers. Mark it down.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Musings: What's in a name?

If you have been paying attention, you know that there is a British schoolmarm in Sudan who is under arrest for breaking Muslim law. Gillian Gibbons probably wishes that she had named a Teddy Bear Charlies instead of Mohammad. She allowed one of her students, whose name is Mohammad, to name it and she was looking at 40 lashes and a year in prison. Or, as some militants want to do, execute her.

Well, sometimes we say there ain't nothing in a name...and really there isn't. But in country that is so ignorant that they think the name Mohammad is sacred, a name can get you killed. (See Link http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8T7G8JG0&show_article=1)

Well they didn't lash her but they gave her 15 days in the stir and deported her. Yeah, for Muslim justice. It seems there is no end to the extent of amazement that comes with the Muslim religion. Even an innocent act can get you killed. Personally, I like the compassionate Christian God better. At least he seems to have a sense of humor. Jeeezzzzzzzz!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Musings: Karl Rove creates history from whole cloth.

On the latest Charlie Rose show on PBS, former Bush advisor Karl Rove stated that Congress pushed the president to war with Iraq. He didn't hint it...he actually said it. (See the blog and see the tape with the link to the Charlie Rose site http://www.huffingtonpost.com/paul-abrams/rove-congress-pushed-bu_b_74039.html .)

This is the most aggressive act of deceitful reconstructionist history I have ever seen. And, he does it without remorse.

Here is another link that plays part of the interview with Rove. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-tv/arianna-discussing-roves_b_74403.html)

I guess that Rove and Bush don't know that the Internet is out there and folks can Google and find out all about how they were the ones pushing for the war, and how Bush kept pressuring congress for the power to be the sole person to judge whether or not we should invade Iraq for 9-11.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Musings: Back again and again...

Well, hell, I've been gone a while because I have been totally perturbed with everything to the point of doing nothing. Does that make sense? No? Tough shit...that's the only reason you get.

Things I'm thinking:

- So Bushie jr. is still alive and well and bumbling along. Whoever would have thought that one president could damage our standing in the world community so much. Who would have thought that a lame duck president would control congress by vetoing everything and blaming it on them. Ronald Ray-gun was the teflon president, but Bushie is the shit-don't-stick or stink president.

- Rudy or Romney...hmmm...which will be the heir to the throne. Hopefully, neither.

- Hill, Obama or Edwards. Even money on Hill or Obama.

- Sad prediction: Senate and house go overwhelming democratic in 2008. Republicans maintain the White House. Gawd, I hope I'm wrong.

- So for months we heard that if things could only get better in Iraq, we'd leave. Now things are better, and we can't leave because they might get worse. I hate to be an "I told you so," but I did! We are never leaving that god-forsaken country. We are there for the long haul. Korea will look like a short escapade compared to Iraq.

- Damn gas prices are through the roof. Takes a $50 to fill up. When does this filter into the economy? My best guess...about next year.

- Thanksgiving is gone. Everybody got sick but me. Now they are better and I'm getting sick. This is called poetic justice, I guess.

- Christmas is coming. Wow!

- I have been in a pissy mood ever since our female dalmatian died a couple of weeks ago. She was a great dog.

- Maybe I'll be happier the next time I blog...days or months from now.

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