Friday, August 22, 2008

Things are weird...

I have no idea why my last blog won't let me double space between paragraphs. Maybe it is the gremlin in the machine.

Today is the day for team Obama to come up with the vp pick. The world waits with bated breath. Well, maybe not, but it is about time.

John McCain likes to say that he is the candidate that everyone knows. Well, who knew he had between seven and fourteen places that he lived. I mean, that is wealthy, wealthy and more wealthy. I thought he was a mid-class guy. No so!!!! So I guess we didn't know old John as well as we thought we did.

I am waiting for Obama to dig up dirt on McCain's dealing with the Keating five bank scandal back in the late 80's. Not a peep yet. You can't tell me that there is no some good stuff floating around on that.

The Americans rule in the Olympic games. Sure China has more gold, but we got lots more medals. Don't you just love beach volleyball? I know I do.


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