Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Musings: Back again and again...

Well, hell, I've been gone a while because I have been totally perturbed with everything to the point of doing nothing. Does that make sense? No? Tough shit...that's the only reason you get.

Things I'm thinking:

- So Bushie jr. is still alive and well and bumbling along. Whoever would have thought that one president could damage our standing in the world community so much. Who would have thought that a lame duck president would control congress by vetoing everything and blaming it on them. Ronald Ray-gun was the teflon president, but Bushie is the shit-don't-stick or stink president.

- Rudy or Romney...hmmm...which will be the heir to the throne. Hopefully, neither.

- Hill, Obama or Edwards. Even money on Hill or Obama.

- Sad prediction: Senate and house go overwhelming democratic in 2008. Republicans maintain the White House. Gawd, I hope I'm wrong.

- So for months we heard that if things could only get better in Iraq, we'd leave. Now things are better, and we can't leave because they might get worse. I hate to be an "I told you so," but I did! We are never leaving that god-forsaken country. We are there for the long haul. Korea will look like a short escapade compared to Iraq.

- Damn gas prices are through the roof. Takes a $50 to fill up. When does this filter into the economy? My best guess...about next year.

- Thanksgiving is gone. Everybody got sick but me. Now they are better and I'm getting sick. This is called poetic justice, I guess.

- Christmas is coming. Wow!

- I have been in a pissy mood ever since our female dalmatian died a couple of weeks ago. She was a great dog.

- Maybe I'll be happier the next time I blog...days or months from now.


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