Thursday, June 07, 2007

Musings 196--Mitt Romney's revised history.

So I'm sitting there in my living room watching CNN's presentation of the Republican candidates for office of President of the United States. Now most of the time, the candidates tend to embelish a bit when they answer questions. Minor stretches of the truth are quite common. However, I was totally taken aback when I heard Mitt Romney say that if Sadaam hadn't kick out the inspectors we would have never gone to war in Iraq.

Now sometimes my memory is a bit fuzzy. But, I distinctly remember that after Sadaam kicked out the inspectors, several years later--in September 17, 2002 to be exact, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan talked Sadaam into letting them back in. UN chief inspector Han Blix and hundreds of inspectors went all over Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction.

On March 17,2003--three days before Bushie sent out troops to war--the inspectors pulled out of Iraq after finding nothing that constituted weapons of mass destruction.

Obviously, Mitt has forgotten this...or he is trying to change history. Either way, he proves that he is not to be trusted. If his memory is that bad, he doesn't need to be president. It he is trying to change history; then, he is a lair and is as dangerous as Bushie bady.

The really remarkable thing is that not one of the CNN monitors of the debate caught it. John Dickerson of Slate magazine and Paul Begala, former Clinton advisor and now CNN political expert, were the only ones that saw what I saw.

Revisionist history has always been around, but most of the time the guys are usually dead they are revising it about. Oh...wait, Sadaam is...ah, dead, but Bush and Cheney are still kicking.


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