Friday, June 01, 2007

Musings 195--Free speech ain't free if you're a marine.

Marine Sgt. Adam Kokesh served honorably in Iraq. When his tour was over he came home and received an "honorable discharge" from the Corps. Others have done the same. However, Kokesh is now learning that the freedom he was fighting for doesn't necessarily apply to a former marine. Isn't this a great country or what?

According to Nick Juliano of, (See Link) Kokesh is now against the United States' involvement in Iraq. He has demonstrated against the war since receiving his "honorable discharge." This apparently has made the Marine Corps angry. It wants Kokesh's "honorable discharge" back. It wants to give him an "other than honorable" discharge.

Now all good Marines know that you can't say much while you are in the Corps. Freedom of speech is just a nice thing that civilians have. You are suppose to die for it, but you sure don't have it. When you get out and become a civilian, then, and only then, do you get to have the freedom of speech that you fought for. Yeah, right!

Here is part of the article: The demonstration involved Kokesh and other vets performing mock patrols around the nation's capital to offer Americans a peek at what life is like in Iraq. Kokesh wore his Marine fatigues with his name, rank and Marine Corps insignia patches removed. The military told Kokesh that wearing the uniform violated Defense Department regulations, despite the fact that he had been honorably discharged from the service the previous year. Kokesh is still part of the Inactive Ready Reserve, which allows for discharged troops to be called back to service in case of an emergency.

Kokesh was informed via e-mail that he may be violating regulations, and he did not take the admonishment lightly. He responded to the officer who had sent the e-mail, advising him not to waste time on "such petty issues, (while) our fellow Marines continue to die in futility...."

"So no, I am not replying to your e-mail in order to acknowledge my understanding of my obligations and responsibilities," Kokesh
wrote, " but rather to ask you to please, kindly, go fuck yourself."

I couln't have put it better myself.


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