Friday, November 10, 2006

Musings 186--Bush admits to lying.

I was rather stunned that Bush jr. would come right out and admit to lying to the press about his decision to remove Donald Rumsfeld. (See Link) Basically, the "Decider in Chief" decided it was perfectly fine to lie to the press and the American people about a political matter.

Now changes in personnel are totally political in nature. President's do it to give themselves cover and shield off blame. Rumsfeld was certainly overdue, but lying is lying. If the "Decider" lied about this, what else has he lied about?

I guess the "Decider" must have decided to tell a little white lie. I'm sure in his mind it is nothing compared to the myth of WMD's and the nuclear cloud coming from Iraq. Those were black lies of the most deceptive kind. Lives were lost over those lies. But, God will forgive him since he knows him personally. However, the 150,000 dead in Iraq might require a lifetime of prayer.

Hey, religious right folks...doesn't it make you proud to have backed this guy?


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