Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Musings 180--The October surprise no one sees.

Over the last few months the talking heads have been going on about Karl Rove's October surprise. You know, the bomb that will be dropped right before the November election that will take the Christian Conservative Party, aka, the Republican Party over the hump to victory.

Sitting at my computer in West Virginia, I ran on to this story: Court Official: Saddam verdict, sentence if guilty, to be announced Nov. 5 (See Link).

Ah, does anyone see this but me? Two days before the election, Saddam is going to dominate the news. Come on all of you journalists! Don't you see this?

The has been little, if any, coverage of Saddam's sentencing date reported on the networks or cable news shows. The print press has also not written much about this. Was he not the reason that Bushie jr. took us into Iraq in the first place?

Maybe Saddam doesn't mean much any more, but I am willing to bet that Karl Rove told the Iraqi's to have the sentencing date close to the election. All of the Bush conservatives will feel good about sending the "Butcher of Baghdad" to the gallows. Then, they will all run out and vote in all the bastards that have supported Bush's efforts in Iraq.

Hey, I could be wrong, but...I doubt it. In fourteen days we will know.


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