Thursday, October 05, 2006

Musings 177--Choking in PA

Representative Don Sherman (R) PA, was accused in May of choking his 29-year old mistress of five years during a sexy back-rub. Sherman is married and is rated highly by the conservative coalitions. (Isn't there a commandment against adultry?) Maybe Don missed that in bible school. (See Link)

The religious right scores again! Literally...

Sherman has been in congress only five years. He picked-up this woman at a young republicans meeting, and they apparently forgot to pray before engaging in their sordid affair. Five years later, she has sued Sherman for 5.5 million but settled privately out of court.

Sherman is just more conservative scum that should be wiped out of congress.

The mainstream press did not pick up on this story when it broke. I wonder why? Now Dick Cheney is raising money for Shepard's reelection. The party of family values. Oh, yeah!

As I said in my previous column, if you stand on moral values there is very little wiggle room when you screw up.

Journalists should be snooping around looking to see if more of our elected officials are living up to the doctrine that they espouse. I mean, if you are righteous; then, you damn well better be on the straight and narrow. All the world hates a hypocrite.


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