Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Musings 173--Maybe we misplaced 7,000 soldiers.

It really doesn't make you feel good when the generals in Iraq don't know how many troops they have under their command. (See Link)

I suppose that if they don't know how many troops they have, then it would be too much to ask how many have been killed.

This if from the above link on The precise number of U.S. troops is murky. Abizaid today it was over 140,000. His staff later said it was closer to 142,000. Colonel Nelson McCouch, spokesman for Casey, said in an e-mail from Baghdad Sept. 17 that the current level is about 147,000.

So basically, Casey has lost 7,000 troops somewhere. Does that seem weird to anyone other than me. I suppose, when you are a general; then, things like how many men are under your command kind of slips through your mind. I mean, you have to remember the important stuff, like when lunch and dinner is served. Pardon me if I sound sarcastic.

By the way the number of dead in Iraq, as of today, is 2,689. The wounded stands at 19,945. (See Link if you don't believe me.)

Hey, General Casey...if you pull up my blog, I'll keep you current. West Virginia is just around the corner from Iraq.


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