Friday, August 11, 2006

Musings 163--They were always mean, but now they lie.

It has been said by democrats, independents and anybody who knows one that conservatives are mean spirited. Well, they are still mean. That has not changed, but they did not use to tell lies as quickly as they moved their lips. Now, it seems, everything they say is a lie.

Exhibit One: Ann Coulter(gist). The skinny dame with an adam's apple has been shown to lie, cheat and steal in her new book, Godless, The Church of Liberalism. (See Link) Ann qualifies as both mean and a liar. She doesn't care, however, since it sells books. To date, no conservative has said a bad thing about her lack of facts and extremely hurtful speech. I was always told by my peers that silence means agreement.

Exhibit Two: Bill O'Reilly. Bill even lies about where he grew up. He is mean and, to boot, a suck up for anyone from the Bush Administration. Also, he hates Keith Olberman. I like Keith Olberman, he rocks. (See Link) Bill O' also is too dumb to know that the cross on the Red Cross emblem is not a Christian Cross. Maybe he should do some research and look on the Red Cross site and read the history section.

Exhibit Three: John Gibson. I used to think he as a decent news guy, but since going over to Fox, he has fallen completely off the wagon. John has a lot of hate in his soul. (See Link)

Exhibit Four: Pat Robertson. He hates all other's Gods and I'm not sure if he really loves his own. He does love money, however. He lies and backtracks. (See Link) he also is the strongest man in the world and can leg lift 2,000 pounds.

Exhibit Five: Neal Boortz. He is another radio voice that comes to you from the dark reaches of hell. Boortz hates everybody who make minimum wage and is a big Bush jr. suck up. (See Link)

Exhibit Six: Rush Limbaugh. He loves drugs. Hates everything else. Conservatives love him. (See Link)

There are more, but I'm tired and these pretty much make the point. Here's a tip of the hat to the guys at They do most of the work and I steal it.

Oh, more for the get-out-of-jail card from yesterday compliments of


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