Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Musings 154--Rush Limbaugh's Viagra Blues

The big wind bag, Rush Drugbaugh, was detained flying back into this country from the Dominican Republic. (See Link) In his baggage the authorities found a bottle of Viagra that was not prescribed to him, although he says that his doctor gave them to him.

Rush, you see, was on a working vacation. Now, why he needed Viagra is the question. I mean, isn't Rush the big leader of moral values in this country--not withstanding his three divorces. Hey, anyone can make a mistake...or three.

He quipped funny comments about him picking up Bob Dole's luggage by mistake. He also said that he told "his doctor that he was worried about the elections." The dumb doctor must not have had his hearing aid turned on. However, this clouds the real issue. Rush, who is now single, apparently isn't practicing abstinence in his real life--the only true republican birth control method. At the very least he is hoping to get lucky and pop a little blue pill. Why else would he have a Viagra prescription?

Rush has pitched the abstinence only program that the religious right is in love with. Now it seems that he is one of those do as I say, not as I do guys. You know the ones, we call them hypocrites.

As an added bonus to this, Rush may very well have unwittingly violated his own agreement of the plea bargain he cut to get out of the "doctor shopping" charge that came to light awhile back. It would only be poetic justice if he was finally charged and did some time. He could sit in jail and write a song entitled, "Rush Limbaugh's Viagra Blues." I'll bet it would be a hit.


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