Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Musings 150--Twisted conservative values

So Ann Coulter can say anything she wants about anybody, and the republicans will defend her to the death. It is indeed a sad time to be a republican.

Coulter has advocated everything from murder to the poisoning of judges to push her warped agenda. She is the poster child to what republicans have become. Mary Matlin defends her. Howard Kurtz defends her. Rush Drugbaugh and Sean Insanity defends her. She is just making a point. Yep, she sure is. It is hate.

All conservative republicans who agree with this, and I feel it is most of them, are just proving what we all knew, but hoped was not true--conservatives are mean spiteful people.

Let us explore the phrase "mean spiteful."

It takes a mean spiteful person to lie about WMD's in Iraq. It takes a mean spiteful person to completely destroy 200 years of constitutional law by starting a preemptive war in Iraq. It takes a mean spiteful person to never admit a mistake. It takes a mean spiteful person to trade the lives of nearly 2,500 dead soldiers and 20,000 wounded soldiers for the death of one thug named Al-Zarqawi.

Rush the Drugie is about the meanest guy on the radio. He makes fun of people and ridicules anyone who disagrees with him. Insanity Sean does much the same. They ascribe patriotism to themselves, but it is really just fascist rhetoric. These guys would have made good little Nazis. Heil, the government. Heil, Bush.

The twisted conservative values that these guys and gals espouse is totally amazing in its scope. Most of these goobers haven't set foot in a house of religion in ages, but they still carry the Christian right's water. Also, the Christians love them for it. Basically, the Christian right knows, down deep, that these guys are bozos, but they use them to push anti-abortion, prayer in school, flag burning and gay bashing. It is the twisted deal with the devil that all Christians tell you to worry about. Well, they have made it with this bunch!

So here is the way it shakes out. As of this day, I am knocking the dust off my feet with the republican party. Free at last, free at last! Now all I have to figure out is who I will affiliate with...spineless democrats or independents. Where are the good socialist when you need them?


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