Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Musings 141--Rush the lovable dopehead

Rush Limbaugh got arrested Friday. He was booked and placed on probation for the next 18 months. He says that he pled "not guilty" as part of his plea agreement. If he pisses positive or gets in any trouble during his probation he will have to stand trial. (See Link for more funny stuff.)

It seems that there is a big stink about whether he was arrested. Well, if you are booked, you are arrested. If you are fingerprinted and your mugshot taken, you are arrested. He is just spinning this so that his loyal followers can babble on about him not being found guilty.

The truth is, that he was and probably still is a dopehead. He got off easy because he spent millions for good lawyers. You or I would have served a little time.

Rush at one time had some credibility. Now, he is just a has-been trying to hold on to something. It wouldn't have been so bad, but Rush has made a fortune being mean to the under-privileged. Rush once said that all drug offenders should serve maximum time. Well, here's hoping that some day he flunks his drug test and has to do time. If that sounds mean...well, it is. I learned it from Rush.


At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Rush at one time had some credibility. Now, he is just a has-been trying to hold on to something."
Two questions come to mind;
1. When, in your estimation, was he credible? You obviously dislike him. So I was wondering when he lost his credibility and what the circumstances were.
2. A $30 million a year gig and getting bigger each month. Hardly a has-been and sounds as though he's got a pretty good grip.

The left..I do enjoy you guys.
I forgot my password so I'm annonymous. See you Monday.


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