Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Musings 137--The "Decider" finally decides...

Bush jr. looking smirky and combative declared himself the "decider" in all matters, yesterday. Well, it ain't "the buck stops here," but it is close enough. (See Link)

It is now time to stop blaming everyone around Bush jr., aka the decider, and allow him to take the blame for everything that has gone wrong in his administration. He has now admitted it, it is all his fault. He decided...everything. Now it should be pay day...or pay back.

Let us look at what Bush jr. has "decided."

*to go war in Afghanistan...sort of.
*to go to war in Iraq because of WMD's that did not exist.
*to "out" a CIA agent for spite.
*to squander a surplus and have the highest national debt ever.
*to cut taxes for the rich.
*to fiddle while New Orleans flooded.
*to fix prescription drugs by making up a plan that no one understands.
*to fix social security, but did not.
*to leave no child behind, but did.
*to not take on big oil over higher has prices and higher profits for the oil companies.
*to run his girl Harriet for the high court.
*to tell teaches that they should present creationism in the classroom.
*to not fund stem cell research.
*to not believe in global warming...despite tons of evidence.
*to wire tap american citizens.

There are many others things that he decided, but I think the point is made. It is Bush jr. Not Cheney or Rumsfeld or anybody else. It has all been Bush jr. He is now taking credit for it all. Good!

Now he wants to decide if we should attack Iran. He says that the military option is off the table. Well, since Iran has not done anything to us (but then neither had Iraq, but they did shoot at our airplanes during fly-overs) he is deciding if a preemptive strike is necessary.

The Constitution of the United States says that only the congress can make war. Without congress to ok his preemptive strike. He cannot nuke Iran. Of course, he may claim that the vote that was taken to make war on Iraq is the same thing. It is not, but he will say it is. Congress neutered themselves when they gave Bush jr. the right to...ah, decide.


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