Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Musings 128--Kim Jong's Preemptive Option

So everybody in the media is all a buz about Bush jr.'s press conference where he finally called on Helen Thomas, the current dean of journalism, for the first time in nearly four years. Well, I say that it wasn't an accident, and Helen was set up because Bush jr. knew the question that she would ask. If you read her column on a regular basis, she has stated many times the question she would most like to ask him. He just wanted to reiterate his position for going to war--and he did.

Now while everyone is talking about that, the real story of the day gets buried. It seems that North Korea has decided that the Bush Administration are not the only ones that have the option of preemptive war. (See Link)

Everyone pretty much agrees that Kim Jong II is a wacko, but he is a wacko with a nuclear bomb. He also has missiles. If you put a nuclear bomb on a missile you get a thing that can go boom in the United States.

The following is a quote form the North Korean's. It is a bit jumbled, but it makes the point.

"As we declared, our strong revolutionary might put in place all measures to counter possible U.S. pre-emptive strike," the spokesman said, according to the Korean Central News Agency. "Pre-emptive strike is not the monopoly of the United States."

So there you have it. Not only has Bush jr. made a mess out of Iraq, he has now given the North Koreans the idea of preemptive war. Kim Jong is a scary guy who is not to secure in his skin. If he perceives a threat from the United States, he could very well blow up Alaska. At that point it would be moot to worry about drilling for oil in Anwar.

It just keeps getting better and better with Bush jr. and his merry men. With two and a half years to go, who knows how deep he can dig the whole for another president to get out of. With yesterday's honest claim that it will be some other president that will get out troops out of Iraq, I was abruptly thrown back to Lyndon Johnson in 1968. He dug the Viet Nam hole so deep that it took President Nixon nearly six years to decide to pull out and come home. Bush jr. is doing the same. Of course, if Kim Jong II has a vision that we're coming to get him--it all becomes moot.


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