Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Musings 125--Chicken shit democrats.

The democrats can raise all kinds of lip about the Bushies, but they don't have the stomach for a fight. I guess you can say they are chicken shit democrats.

Russ Feingold, who I disagree with on many things, is the only one with the moxie to point at the President of the United States and say that "You broke the law." The rest of the democrats are scared to death that they might lose a vote or two. (See Link)

Bush jr., who has the lowest poll numbers he has ever had at 36%, still strikes fear in the heart of most democrats. I guess that is the result of kicking ass over two elections. However, I have the feeling that the dems could make hay, if they decided to mow it. Feingold is the only one that seems to sense this.

Come on you chicken shit democrats. It is time to go after Bush jr. Even members of the republican party are going after him more than the dems. Grow a backbone, democrats. I think the bird flu has finally arrived in this country and the democrats have it.


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