Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Musings 116--Thinking like a Terrorist...

The Bush Administration is just more than happy to say that they feel Dubai Ports World, the state owned corporation who wants to manage U.S. ports, is not a security risk. Well, the Bushies are wrong, as usual.

There is ample evidence that the Royal Family of the United Arab Emerites looked the other way when Osama Bin Ladin started his war against America. Keeping in mind that two of the 9-11 hijackers came from that country, it must also be noted that most of the money that financed the terrorist came through bank and financial concerns in the UAE.

Bush jr. says that since 9-11 they have been our allies. Well, maybe...or...maybe not.

You know, if I was a terrorist with Muslim cousins in every middle-eastern country, kind of like Osama, I'd take advantage of having the UAE control American ports. It only takes one fifteenth vice-president in a corporation to look the other way when the bad guys, also Muslims, decide to put a dirty bomb in a storage container and ship it from Dubai to New York City. Plus, if Osama ever cuts a deal with Iran, then they might just ship a nuke to Miami. This is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Bush jr. wants you to think that all these guys in the Royal Family are staunch allies. Well, they played golf with Osama...and, they are Muslims. So call me racist, but were not all the guys that took down the twin towers...ah, Muslims? Now, the UAE may be helping us, but they may be helping us to hurt us. What better way to finally strike a blow for radical Islam than to act like our friends for years just so they can deliver a devastating blow to all our major ports, and mushroom cloud the cities that house them.

I think Osama is a very patience fellow. I think that with a little help he might just be able to really pull off a big thing--maybe six. The Bushies want us to think that these guys are our friends, as they well might be, but it only takes one bad apple to really hurt us. Why should we take the chance to begin with. If the UAE doesn't understand our reluctance to allow them to see where our soft spots are on our eastern ports; then, that is just too bad.

I really haven't seen any Muslims taking to the streets to support any action that the USA has taken. They may say they are our friends, but I doubt it. They want something. I know this because my friends support me, and most of them are very vocal. When they are quiet, I know they are not with me on an issue.

If Bush jr. allows this port deal to go through and five years down the road one or all of our ports are blown to hell; then, it his fault. The same thing applies if its ten years. So, again I ask, why should we take the chance?


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