Monday, February 13, 2006

Musings 109--Ducking around Dick

The first setting Vice President to shoot a man since Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel is now Dick Cheney. Now that is a fine piece of trivia to file away for future use.

It is good that the VP did not kill anyone. Hunting accidents happen--sometimes they are fatal, this one was not. However, it may prove fatal in another way. (See Link)

The White House did not release anything about the shooting until 18 hours--other sources say 24 hours--after the fact. In short, the woman who runs the ranch the hunt took place on was the one that called a reporter. Now that has to make you go, hmmmm.

I would say that it was probably being kicked around not to say a word about the shooting with the hopes that no one would find it out. The Bushies are good at hiding the truth, so this would have been easy for them to accomplish. Apparently, the President knew about the shooting hours before the press was told. I can almost see them sitting around the situation room figuring out how to spin this story. It was probably something like this:

K. Rove: Ah, sir. It seems that VP Cheney shot a guy.

Bush Jr: Sum son-bitch throw down on Dick, did they. He's from Wyoming you know?

K. Rove: No sir. He was hunting.

Bush Jr: Hunting Osama Bin Laden, no doubt. I'll bet he killed another one of those second in commands. There's hundreds of them.

K. Rove: Ah, no sir. It seems he shot a fellow accidentially while dove hunting.

Bush Jr: I doubt that...Dick, doesn't do anything accidentially. He is the most deliberate man I know. Next to me, of course.

K. Rove: Yes, sir. But it appears that one of his hunting fellows accidentially stuck his face in front of VP Cheney's shotgun. It was some lawyer that VP Cheney has hunted with before.

Bush Jr: Well, that's good. A lawyer. We're safe on that respect, we passed a law on frivolous law suits. Is he dead?

K. Rove: No, he is in stable condition. He is expected to live.

Bush Jr: He'll probably be glad we passed that prescription drug bill. He'll probably need some drugs. Don't you think?

K. Rove: Absolutely, sir.

Bush Jr: Maybe we should keep this quiet until we see what happens. Maybe the press won't find out about it. It might look bad on Dick's ability to make snap decisions. What do you think?

K. Rove: I think that we should not say anything for 18 to 24 hours and if the land owner doesn't call the newspapers; then, we are home free.

Bush Jr: Good thinking, Karl. We could treat it like WMD's. If we ignore it, it might go away.

K. Rove: Yes, sir. But there was not any WMD's to begin with. VP Cheney did shoot the guy.

Bush Jr: Yeah, well it's just to bad it wasn't Osama that Dick smoked. That would have been so awesome.

K. Rove: Yes, sir. It would have been.

Bush Jr: Damn straight!

I guess it is safe to say that if you are around VP Cheney, you have to be ready to duck. Isn't it amazing that people around him keep getting blasted. Just ask Scooter.


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