Thursday, January 26, 2006

Musings 102--Democracy on the March?

So our president is fond of saying that democracy is on the march in the Middle East. Well, he sure is right.

A long time ago, I learned the lesson that one should be careful what one wishes for. Frankly, I've never been a real fan of democracy anyway. I have Scottish roots, so anything bigger than a clan or tribe is too big for me.

Bush jr. got his wish today. The people voted and the Palestinians elected Hamas, the guys who blow people up, as the ruling party. Now the hardliners in both Palestine and Israel are overjoyed. They can go back to killing each other. For some reason, people of peace always have a hard time in this life. Go figure!

Now, I am not much for making predictions, but I will make one just the same. I predict that Iraq will go much the same way...eventually. It is a very true statement that folks deserve the government that they elect.

I would have never thought that we would have ever elected a President that is too dumb to speak a clear sentence. I would have thought that the process would have weeded him out. Boy was I wrong.

The longer I live, the stranger and stranger things get. Personally, I think it is all Rod Serling's fault. He came up with the Twilight Zone, but we have to live in it.


Newsflash: Marshall University defeated West Virginia University last night in basketball. This proves that God, instead of intervening in the Middle East, is on vacation. I hear he will be back some time before Valentine's Day. He will be attending the Super Bowl, so look for miracles. You heard it first here.


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