Friday, December 16, 2005

Musings 92--Bush the rule breaker...

I have often said that George W. Bush is not a real republican. He likes to talk the talk, but he never walks the walk.

Today, we see that George jr. has been breaking the law for the last three years. (See Link) It seems that spying on Americans by the National Security Agency (NSA) is quite all right to him--it is against the law, but it is alright, just the same. George jr. feels that he knows best and is above the law. Instead of getting the law changed, he just breaks it.

A good republican really likes the rule of least that is what they have historically said. They are usually the law and order candidates. The democrat's are the ones that are accused of being the law-breakers. History shows more republicans who get caught breaking the law than those mean old liberal dems.

Thus, to prove that George jr. is not a republican, I submit my proof. Ten reasons why George W. Bush is not a republican:

(1) His latest incident of spying on Americans by the NSA.

(2) Allowing torture but saying we don't.

(3) Misleading America into a needless war.

(4) Allowing his administration to out a CIA agent for spite.

(5) Tampering with a jury in the Tom Delay case by saying that Delay is innocent.

(6) Allowing the rendition of captured prisoners to other countries.

(7) The excessive spending on the prescription drug bill.

(8) The cost of the war in Iraq, which is now close to half a billion dollars.

(9) The ballooning deficit.

(10) His love affair with illegal aliens.

Earlier today, the Senate beat down the extensions to the Patriot Act. One of the main reasons was that George jr. and his Attorney General have not proven that they can be trusted with sweeping changes in privacy laws.

George jr. is not a republican, and he sure is not a democrat. He is, however, well on the road to becoming a dictator--kind of like the guy from Iraq.


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