Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Musings 84--Bomb the news, torture prisoners...

So the President wants to bomb Al-Jazeera (Link One) and the Vice President is for torturing prisoners (Link Two) ---what else is new?

These are the guys who were going to give us a kinder gentler country. They were going to unite us rather than divide us. They were going to show us how to have compassionate conservatism. I think we were misled...just a tiny bit.

When I was a kid, World War II was a vivid memory to all of the adults that raised me. The decades of the fifties and sixties saw the remnants of the Hitler regime tried for their sins. Americans led the way. We would not torture and kill like the Nazi's did. We were above such barbaric behavior.

Since the compassionate conservative president came to power, we have done nothing but spiral downward in the eyes of world. The so-called Christian nation has shown that it can be just as brutal and uncaring as Hitler and his goons. Somewhere, our leaders have bought into the idea of rendition (holding prisoners in other countries) and torture. Somehow, our president thinks that it might be justified to bomb a news organization with a different slant than his. Rumor has it that Tony Blair was the voice of reason.

Al Jazeera is the CNN of the Muslim world. To say that it is always right would be like saying that CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC never make mistakes. It would also be like saying that Fox News has no bias. Al Jazeera serves a purpose, and, I dare say, it is about as good as we can expect from that part of the world.

Mr. President wanting to blow them up is laughable--if it were not so tragic. It just goes to show that the administration is clueless about what makes the Middle-East go around. Maybe if there had been Head-Start when he was a kid, he would have read a book on the subject before embarking on his goal to democratize the world.

The VP, on the other hand, should know better. I firmly think that he is the Dark Lord that has taken Mr. President over to the dark side. Granted it was a short trip, but Cheney's friends don't even recognize him anymore. (Link Three) When that evil gets a hold on you, it changes you. Torture does not work. It has never worked, and, even if it did, we should not do it because we are above such things. We--meaning Americans--are better than that, even if our leaders are not.


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