Friday, October 28, 2005

Musings 76--Indictment Day!

Well by now, I guess, everyone knows that Irv Libby, aka the "Scooter," is going down for the count. I realize that in the United States of America that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. However, special prosecutor's don't bring obstruction of justice, false statement and perjury charges unless it is very provable. (See Link)

Old Irv is the right hand man to Big Dick Cheney. It is still possible that the vice-president can still be implicated somehow. The indictment says that Big Dick told Irv about Valerie Plame. You all remember Val. She's the secret-agent that married the Wilson fellow. Ah, the plot thickens!

Karl Rove was seen skipping through the Rose Garden with a shit-eating grin on his face. Maybe he has escaped--this week. (See Link) Even the Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said in his press conference that the investigation will continue. It seems that some of Fitzgerald's helpers think that there may be a chance to get Rove on more serious charges. Thus, the dark cloud remains over the White House.

In the meantime, Mr. President is going to go to Camp David so that he can work on a candidate to replace Harriet Meirs for the Supreme Court seat. He kind of reminds me of the "Peanuts" character Pigpen. No matter how much you cleaned him up, he always got dirtier than before. Hang in there Mr. President. You only have three more years to go.

I think that we should have a new national holiday. We could call it Indictment Day, and kids could wear handcuffs and lie to their parents without fear of consequence--only on that day. It seems like each and every administration since Richard Nixon's has had its brushes with the law. Ain't democracy grand? Communists and socialist never have this much entertainment on a daily basis.


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