Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Musings 66--A judge, a gangster and God...

About The Judge

The vacancy on the Supreme Court of the United States should be filled by the current nominee Judge John Roberts.

In watching the hearings, I have come to the conclusion that Judge Roberts is probably as good a it gets. He is smart and deliberate. He doesn't rattle easily...which is a very good thing.

Now, I don't agree with him on all things, but that really does not matter when a judge is selected. What matters is that he be impartial and weight all matters with the scales of current law. I think that Judge Roberts will do this. Of course, I've been wrong before...I used to think that Sen. Bill Frist was a good majority leader. These days he is one of the worst. Go figure!

About The Gangster

If anyone has really paid attention to the news--other than hurricanes--you would see that a farce of justice has been once again carried out in our court system. (See Link) John Gotti, Jr., has been freed on bail due to a mistrial in his attempted murder of Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa. It is interesting that life and corruption in the "big apple" is still racing along at its normal pace. Junior Gotti apparently hired some inept hit-men to kill Sliwa, a radio host. Sliwa had been giving Gotti hell over the air waves. Junior Gotti sent two thugs to whack Sliwa, but the Guardian Angel managed to escape by jumping out the window of the car. He was, however, shot a time or two.

The prosecutors say they want round two. Well, I hope they do, but I hope Curtis Sliwa has a panic room at the radio station...and a bulletproof vest.

About God

The folks who believe in intelligent design should just take a powder and relax. It is not in the best interest of our country to have the Scopes Monkey Trial played out again. Science is science. It should be as pure as can be. Science is fact based not faith based. Hence, it cannot be taught in the public school. We should just let the churches teach it, if that is what they believe.

The argument faith-basers give is that science changes its position and even can be proven wrong. Well, this is absolutely true. In the quest for facts, sometimes a supposed truth is found to be false. Science adapts and corrects itself and is stronger for it. Thus, it is, I repeat, fact based. Intelligent design is not nor can be fact based. It is faith based. The belief in a Supreme Being has to be taken on faith, since God has not talked directly to man in recent history. I know this to be true because FOX News would have covered the hell out of it.

If you take away the book of faith, the Bible, then all that is left is science and its quest for facts. Both of these beliefs can exist in the same world. There is room in intelligent thought for both sides. Hmmmm...Intelligent thought as compared to narrow mindedness (sometimes referred to as a strong will). Are you listening, Mr. President?


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