Thursday, September 15, 2005

Musings 65--Making big money off the dead...

It just boggles the mind how Mr. President is entwined with a close circle of friends that make money off of everything he does--good or bad.

Case in point: Kenyon Worldwide Disaster Management is a division of Service Corporation International (SCI). (See Link.) SCI goes around the world cleaning up dead bodies that wars and disasters stack up. SCI is a Houston based organization that had a bit of a scandal when Mr. President was governor of Texas. If you follow the link above you will see "funeralgate." Hit it and you will learn about this bit of scandal that surrounded Mr. President when he was a lowly governor.

A few years back a subsidiary of Kenyon, Menorah Gardens, was involved in some really shady deals in Florida. (Next Link.) Apparently these guys were selling burial plots over top of used plots that were quite old. They just went in and dug up the old dead guys and tossed the bodies out in the woods for the wild pigs to eat. Then they sold the plots again and buried another round of customers. This is so weird that you cannot make this stuff up. These guys eventually had to payout $100 million dollars to make all the law suits go away.

The guys in charge of cleaning up mass graves in Iraq is also Kenyon Worldwide Disaster Management. This just boggles the mind. Friends of Mr. President do really good.

Now we go to New Orleans, and guess who FEMA hired to take up the dead bodies floating in the water? Yep, you guessed it...Kenyon Worldwide Disaster Management.

With Haliburton doing its part in Iraq and Kenyon doing their part in Iraq and New Orleans, Mr. President's friends are making out like the robber barons of old. Life is good when you got your guy in the White House.

***Late closing note: Haliburton has a contract to help with the clean up of New Orleans and the coastal areas. Plus, I also find that Kenyon did the lion's share of the body clean up during the Tsunami. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....


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