Thursday, August 04, 2005

Musings 58--Look to Ohio

When Jean Schmidt (R) defeated Paul Hackett (D) for Ohio's 2nd Congressional District seat by about 4,000 votes on Monday, it was a warning shot to all that are running for reelection--the voters are not happy.

Schmidt was suppose to win--big. She did not. Hackett, a veteran of the current Iraqi war, was the rush job candidate for the democrats. He was an officer in the Marine Corps Reserve who had referred to Mr. President as that "son-of-a-bitch that lives in the White House that I'll defend with my life." He further stated that he was not happy with the way the war in Iraq was being conducted. These were bold statements, but it apparently got him some votes. In a district that is overwhelmingly republican--usually between 15 and 20 points worth in any election--Hackett cut it to just four per cent.

Hackett's full statement was in the USA Today and later repeated in the Washington Post. "Bring 'em on!" was "the most incredibly stupid comment I've ever heard a president of the United States make," he said. He also told the newspaper that, while he was willing to put his life on the line for the president, "I've said that I don't like the son-of-a-bitch that lives in the White House."

Now for all of you who like straight talkers, here is your man. It is quite refreshing. Hackett doesn't pussyfoot around. He just spits it out. Tact is not his big thing. He an Dick Cheney could turn the world blue in a debate.

I personally think that running Iraqi vets that are not happy with the war is a great way for the dems to counter the right wing bashers of anything that is called democrats. It also takes away the agrument that dems are not patriotic. I mean, how can you use that mantra if the candidate is just back from the war zone?

Since, Ohio is in the middle of it's own scandal--coingate--and the fact that 20 plus marines from the state have died this week, maybe some eyes will be opened as to the ignorance of the republican leadership in both state and federal govenment. I am hopeful, but I am not holding my breathe. Conservative republicans are the most stubborn of all the political classes. But, I'm still hopeful.

Ohio is turning into one of those states that every one looks to for trends. To me that is amazing because for years nobody even knew where we were on a map. It is nice to be noticed--I think. Time will tell, as it always does.


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