Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Musings 54--Stiff upper lips and all.

Leave it to the British to show us how to muddle through the hedgerows of terrorism and look good doing it. They soldiered on, hardly missed a day of work and followed the lead of their Queen. Of course, it is in their blood--and it is about the blood, oceans of it.

During WWII, the folks on the isle got slammed nightly by the German air corps. Each day when the sun rose, they dusted themselves off and went about their business. Tuff stuff those Brits. During the last century, the Irish Republican Army would blow the hell out of strategic targets, usually killing one or two. Fearlessly, the English continued onward and upward--just like the progressive midget. Thus, our English brothers and sisters have a history of dealing with such tragedy. Since we are cousins, it is probably where we got our grit to cope with the aftermath when the two towers fell.

What I find amazing is the fact that all of the suicide bombers--three in the subway and one on the bus--were young British citizens. They were not transplanted extremists. I dare say that none of these human bombs even knew Osama Bin Laden, or even had any indirect dealings with him. So why do they do it. Good question. The answer has to be in their particular outlook on the Muslim religion. It can not be anything else.

I keep hearing that Islam is a religion of peace not war. Well, the fanatics are getting it from somewhere. Thomas Friedman in his piece in the New York Times makes the case that it is up to the Muslim communities in the world to put a stop to terrorism. There are few, if any, Muslims who vocally express outrage at terrorists acts. I wonder, as does Mr. Friedman, why that is? Could it be because down deep in their heart or hearts they feel that the terrorists are getting even with us for our actions in the Middle East over the last 100 years? If this is not the case, then there should be an outcry when such things as the London bombing happens. I hear no outcry. Do you?

Maybe there are other reasons that the "peaceful" Muslims have not spoken out. If there are such reasons, I have not heard them, and I have been listening.

So I guess that we just journey on keeping a "stiff upper lip," as our British cousins say. We have had plenty of practice, and we shall have much more--it is inevitable.


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