Monday, June 13, 2005

Musings 45--Truth stretchers and dead bodies

Well, there is a second memo proving that Mr. President decided to go to war before he leveled with the American people. A democrat would be impeached for far less...whoa, one was--remember Slick Willie.

I don't know what it is about truth stretchers like Mr. President and his Yoda Master Dick Chaney. Why can't they level with the people about what's going on in Iraq? If they'd give us timetables for accomplishing things, then we would all feel better. Mr. President is afraid of timetables. He says that we will leave Iraq as soon as possible. I'll make a prediction and say that we will not leave Iraq until Mr. President is drawing his pension, and someone else is left to clean up his mess.

As of 8 a.m. today, we now have a body count of 1,701 American soldiers killed in Iraq. I remember when I thought that when it hit 1,000 people would get riled. Now we are approaching 2,000 and no one seems to think much of it. Remember, once something is fouled up, anything you do makes it worse.

Dick Chaney is popping off about Howard Dean, who is popping off about everything. Dean is just looking for fights to get the democrat base moving. He's basically harmless. Chaney is just...well, he's Chaney. He said that as far as he knew Howard Dean never won anything. His history is as bad as his search for WMD's. Dean was elected Governor of Vermont about five times. However, facts don't get in the way of the Dark Lord of the White House.

I finally heard from Lt. Col. Pat Ward in Iraq. For some reason we had been unable to send e-mails to each other for the past month or two. I fear that the Patriot Act has been interfering with my emails. Someone has been trying to hit me with spyware at 2:45 each day. It's probably the CIA...or the FBI...or the ATF...or the DEA...or the NSA...or, most likely, the SOB's.


At 12:24 AM, Blogger I Think You're All Idiots said...

Imagine if the whining media libs of today were around when your father fought for our country. As I recall reading, we lost several thousand soldiers in a single month, and on several occasions in WWII.
The Dems all were shouting that we'd lose 3500 Americans in the first strike in Iraq. By the way we're well into this war and well below that number, Mr. Kegger Kennedy.
Every war isn't to be looked at through the eyeglasses of Vietnam, which the media loves to remind us we lost. How about viewing them from the perspective of WWII?..which the media never reminds us that we won.
Also the prison "scandals" were unheard of in the days of WWII when our country imprisoned hundreds of American citizens who were of Asian descent and, yes, tortured some prisoners. We seemed to have allowed these acts as we as a country understood what was at stake.
Today, however, is certainly not the case for some. If one of our soldiers wears his or her boots into the prison and it happens to make a squeaking sound on the floor during some Islamic prayer meeting, the outcry is tremendous. Head splittingly boistrous for me.
I wonder why the ACLU(Anti- Christian Liars Union) isn't in an uproar over our government puchasing Korans for the prisoners. Is that not a blatant violation of the so called "wall of seperation" of church and state. Of which appears nowhere in our Constitution or any other official document (you can accept that as a challenge if you wish). Apparently that rule is only violated by the Gideons handing out New Testaments to 5th graders. "Good Heavens, we can't have that!"

At 11:22 AM, Blogger printguy said...

I'm just saying that if Mr. President lied...he should pay the price. When elected officials have agendas and lie to the citizens, they should be held accountable. Mr. President won't even admit to making a mistake. He is the first perfect president that we have ever had. How many American lives are worth the price of freedom for Iraq. Is it 2,000, 3,000 or 55,000--as in the failed Viet Nam police action. What's the benefit? Well, we have not been attacked since, but everybody thinks we will be.


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