Friday, May 13, 2005

Musings 36--Friday the 13th, all day

I started out the day by breaking up a dog fight and got my leg bitten. When I got to work, the water had overflowed from my air conditioner. One of the customers called and said the they needed their job done now. I said, "What job?" Things have progressed pretty much the same for the rest of the day. At this juncture, I am just hoping to live until midnight, when all the forces will fall back into their normal plane of existence.

I wrote Senator George Voinavich, R, OH, an e-mail telling him that he was a standup guy for going against Mr. President on the John Bolton to the UN nomination. The senator was the former governor of the state of which I live. He was not, in my opinion, a very good governor. As a senator, though, he has done a pretty good job. He thinks for himself and doesn't always follow the party line. I told him that it "gave us moderate republicans hope." He probably doesn't even read his e-mails. I'd bet a $1 that some intern reads all of his emails and does a daily overview. Oh well...

Thinking about Social Security, I went back and reviewed the cart-load of stuff I downloaded on the future of social security several months ago. It hit me that the projections of Mr. President's private accounts estimated an economic growth of about 1.8 percent. It took some digging, but I have found that the last 40 years economic growth has been about 3.1 percent. I suppose that Mr. President's guys figure that with the republicans in power that the economy will eventually tank. Personally, I think that if everything goes well we should continue chugging along at about the same rate for the next 50 years. If I'm right, then the social security system will be fine without doing anything. So where is the crisis? Republicans are big capitalists, and big capitalists should be more bullish on the future economy. Of course, maybe they don't want to be bullish. Maybe they just want their capitalists buddies to manage the trillions in assets that would be private accounts.

Last note: They whacked the base a Yeager Airport and the Huntington West Virginia Reserve Center. Mr. President is giving back to WV for electing him. Was it good for you? Told ya so.


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