Friday, April 22, 2005

Musings 30--The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

So now the blogs and e-mails are hot with haters referring to Josef Ratzinger the new Pope, Benedict XVI, as the "Nazi Pope." We are truly an immature world.

From all accounts that I've read, not being a Catholic, the new Pope is a good guy. He's a little hard-line, but that is the state of religion today. It seems that in his youth the new Pope was a member of the Hitler youth. Thus, bunches of these stupids are referring to him as the "Nazi Pope." My history is fuzzy, kind of like Mr. President's math, but I do remember that most of the young men in Germany did not have a choice about joining the late Adolph's youth group.

It is kind of like all of these slant heads that refer to Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia as Robert "KKK" Byrd. As a youth, Senator Byrd was a member of that organization. I heard him tell an interviewer that of all the things he wished he could undo, this was number one on the list. He has been a fine senator for WV over the last half century.

People can change. Many times they don't, but they can if they wish to do so. Most bad things that I have ever done come under the heading of ignorance. Usually, when I am not informed and venture and outlandish opinion, it comes back to haunt me. When I find out better, I try to make amends. That is called the growing process. I've grown so much that my pant size is double what it used to be.

The Pope is a religious man. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that he probably knows that Hitler was a genuine bad dude who is now burning in hell with his brother Satan. Thus, to call the Pope a Nazi shows the total lack of intellect of many people. Some of them can actually write a line or two, which is amazing in itself.

I suspect that folks who call the Pope a Nazi are haters of many things. Basically, they are like Adolph Hitler in their views. They never forget, forgive or find favor. It's kind of like the pot on an old time stove calling the kettle black. Take a look in a mirror before throwing out these mean and hateful phrases.

Now for something completely different:

Barbara Ruth and I now own a building. We don't know what we are going to do with it, but it's is ours...for a while. Stay safe Pat, write your parents Mike, and many happy years Vincent and Missy.

It is suppose to snow here tonight...the glaciers are melting at the South Pole...George Bush is president...I saw lights in the sky...omens, all. The end is near. As a matter or fact, it


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