Thursday, March 31, 2005

Musings 23--Things that make me say hmmm...

It has been a long morning at the old print shop. Just got the information that my loan was approved by the bank to buy the building down the street. They are sending an appraiser today. Maybe this will be over in a week or so. If we move, it probably won't be until June or July. Stay tuned.

The column begins here:

Teri Schiavo is dead. If, when she died, she went to be with God; then, what was the big stink about? Hmmmm.

The right loves to bash the courts, but, when one of their own interrupts the law not in the way they want it, they squeal like pigs and try to find another court to appeal it to. The federal judge that turned down the last Schiavo's parents plea--and several other pleas before--was a Bush I appointment. Hmmmm.

Terri Schiavo was a bulimic who purged after she ate, lost too much potassium, had a heart attack and died 15 years later after having her feeding tube removed. Hmmm.

Mr. President isn't doing so well on Social Security so now he's making threats. Now he is finding out how the rest of us feels when we don't get our way. Hmmm.

A majority of the people now think GW (aka, Mr. President) is doing a lousy job. Isn't it amazing when things turn domestic. Hmmm.

Better late than never, I always say. Hmmm.

The CIA commission says there was no credible evidence of WMD's in Iraq. Really? Hmmm.

In the 1970's we tried to give Iran nuclear power capabilities and they turned it down. Hmmm.

How come falling back is never as easy as falling forward? least as it pertains to clocks. Hmmm.

My cat can tell time. Can yours? Miss feeding him/her and you'll see. Hmmm.

My dog has long-term memory of events. Does that make him intelligent? Hmmm.

If rainbows mean that God won't destroy the world with water like the great flood; how come I can create one with a garden hose? Hmmm.

How come if you jump up in the back of a moving pick-up truck it doesn't run out from under you. Hmmm.

If a fly is flying around in an airplane, does the airplane get heavier if the fly lands? Hmmm.

Does the light really go off in the refrigerator when the door is closed? Hmmm.

And In Closing:

April is here. All hail April. The next month May be here sooner than you know it. Yeah, whatever.


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