Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Musings 18--Missing monies, no outrage...

So I was waiting for the moral and total outrage from Fat Rush, Slanthead Hannity and Wild Bill O'Reilly about the 8.8 billion of unaccounted for money in Iraq. (See story) Since Col. David Hackworth reported this story about a month ago, I figured that the hawks would be all over it by now. Apparently, it's a non-starter to those clowns.

I really think that if a democrat administration had been over seeing this war and nearly 9 billion dollars disappeared we'd have hearings and hangings all over the place. Let's see now, if Mr. President wants another 80 billion for the war in Iraq, then, maybe we should just use the subtractive method of funding. 80 minus 9 equals 71. This way you cut out the waste. Go figure!

Good news. My buddy Lt. Col. Pat Ward is going to get to take some leave time from the middle east and will be vacationing with his family later this month. Down side. He does have to return after a few days.

Happy St. Patrick's day birthday, Lt. Col.

I saw a little green man once...er...maybe twice.

On a thoughtful, but lighter note: An ant and an elephant got married. On their wedding night, while making love the elephant has a heart attack. When asked about the tragic event the ant said, "one night of passion and I spend the rest of my life digging a grave." Sometimes, I can relate.


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