Thursday, March 03, 2005

Musings 14...Strike three!

I used to have a lot of respect for Senator John McCain. He was a real war hero. He was never brash or smart-mouthed. He stood up for all of the people. He was progressive on all the right issues, but then came his run against G.W. for the 2000 election. When G.W. smeared him on a fake racial issue to win the South Carolina primary, McCain was undoubtedly upset. He shrugged it off. So much for the straight talk express. I'll call that strike one.

Next McCain campaigned for G.W., even though he knew there were problems with the swatting of Iraq. Take one for the party. Ok, call that strike two.

Now John McCain was asked in an interview yesterday if he was for having censorship on cable television. Instead of saying that he was for free speech and choice, he said that he felt that hearings should be held on it. Strike are out!

The constitutional right of freedom of speech really only covers governmental censorship. This in turn carries to the states and to local governments. Cable tv is not the public airways. Nobody gets cable, legally, unless they pay for it. It's a choice. Don't mess where you're not needed, senator.

I guess there just aren't any good republicans anymore. It is truly a sad time for our country. Janet Jackson, look what you did to us. Who would have thought that our nation would crumble over a tit.

Go figure.


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