Friday, December 31, 2004

Musings 8....."Happy New Year!"

It has been a quick week here at the old print shop. We got back from Virginia late Tuesday and were back at work on Wednesday.

The psunami death toll is somewhere around 123,000 souls. I guess this is the most dead from a natural disaster in my lifetime. The drought in Africa a while back supposedly killed a million. That's apparently hard to verify, but the psunami could easily hit half a million if Indonesia are correct. Nothing like starting the new year weeping. I guess you can say that 2004 end quite badly. Hopefully, 2005 will be better.

GW kind of shot himself in the foot again by not jumping out front and leading on the world stage. I said this to a friend of mine and got chastised for being a Bush basher. But, you know got to feel the pain, for sure. People used to laugh at Slick Bill Clinton when he used that statement, but at least he new how to show sympathy. It doesn't matter if it's real or not--although I think it was--it just matters that you show people that you care. Bushies like to say talk is cheap and that action speaks louder than words. Well, maybe...maybe not. Timely words from the heart means a lot in the early part of a tragedy. Later, money means more. We all like kind words when a loved one is lost. Of course, if you have no compassion then it is sometimes hard to show it. Fish on, on.

Hey,'s to ya and all your guys in the field. Hopefully, you'll be home safe and sound by this time next year. Whiskey for the men and beer for the horses. Kinda sounds like a song title...

Barbara and I are going to go home and make a pot of chili. We used to have "the party" of the year on new year's eve, but, alas, we've settled into being old frumps. It happens. I kind of like it.

I may shoot off my shotgun at midnite...or, I may not. Looks like a good movie night to me.

I'll have some new year resolutions later. To all that read these musings...happy new year and a great 2005. Remember, only 995 years to go before we reach 3000. That doesn't seem so long now...does it? Think social security...2042...naw, that's for next year.

Mike...hope ya got moved ok.

Tommy keep doing what you are doing. It just takes common sense.

Ruth...hugs and kisses...

That's about it...fade to black!


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Common Sense said...

Keep on keepin' on.


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