Thursday, December 16, 2004

Musings 5

Did you know that up until last month if you died in Iraq the government would only pay the family of the deceased $6,000. Wow, life is cheap. But have no fear, Congress, knowing that they should take care of the troops took care of the problem--they doubled it. Again, wow! Let's see, "Sorry you son/daughter, husband/wife died defending the richest country in the world. Have $12,000 and have a good life."

Maybe Congress ought to earmark a billion or so of the money that they are sending to Iraq for the people who give the ultimate sacrifice. That would seem only proper, don't you think.

Hey, if the dead troopers had of opted to take the government sponsored insurance plan and pay $20 per month, their survivors would have gotten $250,000. Thus, if the soldier wants to bet against himself, he is insured. Thanks Uncle Sam...Is this a great country or what?

On a lighter note, it is warmer today and tomorrow is Friday. Hopefully my wife gets her dividend check so we can have Christmas...(Mick, I'm negotiating your part...heh, heh)...

My wife is getting hunger and she sounds a bit pissy. I guess I'll have to got find some food before she scratches me.

The tree is sort of decorated.

No boots today. Feet feel fine.

Who's this Kreegal guy?

Read Mo Dowd's column today in the New York Times...I have her book is pretty fair small doses.

Ocean's 12 won't make as much money as Ocean's 11...

Part two is history...on to part three....

Got an e-mail for Lt. Col. Pat in Baghdad. He sent me pictures of the royal palace. He's just outside the green zone. Says he can't go outside unless he's heeled and carrrying four clips. He said the mortars were shaking the chandelars as he was writing me.

I used to have a hat that said "Kill'em all and let God sort'em out." That may be a sad but true statement soon enough.

GO GET FOOD!!.....I'm out of here.


At 6:04 PM, Blogger Common Sense said...

How come Iraq is looking more and more like Vietnam?

Stay tuned for the commo nsense take on it.

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Common Sense said...

common sense*

At 9:46 AM, Blogger B_All_You_Can_B said...

That's it, give me a nice warm fuzzy that someone is looking out for my interests (not that I plan on the wife being able to collect anytime soon). It probably got around 25 degrees this morning but the day was nice (maybe a little cool but can't complain). Could be worse though, I could be assigned to Baghdad rather than Arifjan. Hey wait, they did reassign me to Baghdad. Just when you think you've found a nice cushy job, they change everything};o)


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