Friday, January 07, 2005

Musings 9 -- "It's January, again..."

So the bushies are trying to change the law--once more--so they can keep reserve soldiers longer on active duty. Take a look at the current story. It makes you think that we are in a pucker for more manpower, and that the current use of the guard and reserve is closer to abuse than use.

Governor Bill Richardson, D, New Mexico, is sponsoring a bill in his state that will have the state pick up the tab of $250,00 life insurance policy for any trooper serving from his state. He stated in an interview with "Imus in the Morning" that the cost would be about $800,000; thus, he is going to ask his state government to fund $1 million per year until the war is over. He said that he already has members of both parties in his state willing to support such a bill. Most of us talk a pretty good line when we say that "we support the troops." Bill Richardson is walking the walk rather than talking the talk. Every governor in every state should follow suit...they won't, but they should.

Governor Richardson also said that in New Mexico they were going to change the tax form so that tax payers could check off an amount of their refund to go to familes that have lost loved ones in the war. Again, this is so smart and simple. Now let us see if anyone follows suit.

On the list of things that make you say...hmmmm:

Armstrong Williams, a talk show host, was paid by the Department of Education $240,000 to promote the No Child Left Behind Bill-- a rather republican Bush bill. So let me see, my tax money is going to a right-wing spinner to promote a bill that many feel was left behind after it was passed. It is pretty good when the president has to pay his own gas-bags to push his legislation. You can't make this stuff up.

Now for something completely different:

It is raining and cold. Next week we are suppose to have weather in the 70's. It's January...where is the snow? Not a lot, just a little. Oh, well....

Things are starting to pick up at the old print shop. It has been a little slow around here, of late.
Maybe we'll even make some money this month. Or, maybe goes on.....

Gray outttttttttttt............fade to black!


At 8:31 PM, Blogger I Think You're All Idiots said...

Check the fine print. If I'm not mistaken, almost every single person voted FOR the "No Child.." bill. Including Teddy "the kegger" Kennedy. That's Dems and Reps.

It's a good bill. It finally holds individual teachers and schools responsible for doing a good job or a bad job. Although I was appauled at the dollar amount it would cost. But the Dems love that kind of stuff. I don't believe in fixing a failing system by feeding it more money. Now before you blast back at me, realize that W.Va. (unlike Ohio) is ranked last in education as of last year's reports. 77 years of DemocRATic rule and we're the 6th most taxed state, last in jobs, and last in education.

So, the Dept. of Ed. subsidized a conservative talk show by purchasing commercial air time. Those underhanded finks! They should certainly be repremanded! Can you imagine if the DemocRATs did something like that with CNN, NPR, ABC, CBS, Air America, Larry King, Jones Network, or some other "unbiased" media outlet. I shudder at the thought of my tax money being used for something I disagree with. Next thing you know they'll be a right wing 24 hour news channel.

Way to go for Gov. Richardson! I'm sure there will be a tremendous amount of supprt for that bill. Good call on his part.

At 1:29 PM, Blogger Common Sense said...

The Repubs are gearing up for a $100 million dollar scare campaign for their Social Security privatization plan.

They know that 70% of the public thinks it's a bad idea.

I can't wait to see this.

The Dems made the same mistake of overreaching in 93', and were voted outed of power soon after.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger printguy said...

Hey...I made no bad comments about the "No Child Left Behind" bill. I just called it a "rather republican bill." Bush came up with it. He is a republican. Yes, most democrats voted for it...even "Teddie, will she float?" Kennedy. Having said that, most educators feel that the funding never came through for the bill. Thus, Mr. President gets legislation passed, but doesn't push for funding. He does, however, take credit for passing it. It's an old Bush thing from Texas, kind of bait and switch. Pass a bill, forget to fund it, but you are for it. It is all smoke and mirrors with Mr. President. By the way, I use Mr. President in honor of Marilyn Monroe who looks as good today as she did when she least the pictures do.


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