Thursday, March 17, 2005

Musings 18...St. Patrick's Day, hey!

This is a happy shout to all you Irish who believe that the world was created just so you could have fun and drink beer. Personally, being a Scott, I think the Irish were created for my amusement, but, then, what does a few miles of water have to do with anything.

My wife, being the Irish lass that she is, is decked out in lots of green. I'm wearing my traditional red and black. Everybody celebrates in their own way. I watched "Imus in the Morning" on MSNBC today and they were in Boston at Fenway Ballpark. They've won one world championship. The New York Yankees have won 26. Have another beer.

I really never liked beer. I was always of the opinion that you could pour it right back into the horse and the world would be a better place. Ben Franklin disagreed with me. He believed that "beer was God's way of proving that he loved us." Ben was a bit of a boozer.

Change of topic:

I was driving back from Subway today with my tasty sandwich, when I heard Rush on the radio. He was lamenting about our U.S. Senator Robert Byrd, D,WV. I am getting a little tired of hearing him slam people. He and Sean Hannity love to use the mean little bards in their one way conversations. They refer to Senator Byrd as "Robert (KKK) Byrd." Well, that is fine, so taking these fine sterling examples of manhood as my example, I will now refer to Rush as "Rush the Druggie." I'm already referring to Hannity as Slanthead because...well, because it slants.

Byrd made a mistake when he was a young man. He's repented of it many times. Rush made, or by some, is making a mistake with drugs. I'll be nice to him when he is nice to the 87-year old Senator Byrd. Hannity is another matter. I dislike him in the same way I dislike Mr. President. I know it's a failing of mine, but I still hate the smirk. GW does it and so does Hannity. I have spent the better part of my life detesting people with this particular personality trait. I have found that people who do this usually do me harm in some way. Thus, when I see it, I go on the defense. In short, I go into a preemptive strike mode. Hmmm...where have I heard that before?


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