Monday, April 18, 2005

Musings 28---DeLay today

It seems that everybody wants a piece of Congressman Tom DeLay's short little ass. There are all kinds of ethic allegations flying around about him. The latest is that he paid his wife and daughter $500,000 over a three year period for working for his campaign. If he had taken the money for himself, it would have been illegal. He did not. He paid his wife and daughter, and other congressmen have done the exact same thing. That is legal. A job is a job no matter how hard you work or how many hours you spend on it.

I have never liked Representative DeLay. I think he is an offensive little smuck that feathers his own nest whenever possible. However, I don't think he deserves the crap that he is taking over his families jobs or the trips that he took to Russia. (Some say, without evidence, that DeLay took illegal trips to Russia and other places.) DeLay has been a thorn in the side of the media for many years now. When Newt Gingrich fell from the graces of the republican party, it left a vacuum that was filled quickly by the former termite control guy from Texas.

The grandstanding over the Terri Schiavo situation was Tom DeLay at his self-serving best. By passing a law to try to keep her alive, he shored up all kind of support from the religious right. Ole Tom never misses an opportunity to make himself look good.

All of the commentators say that there is enough scandal around DeLay that he should consider resigning. That's a bunch of hooey! To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing that warrants his resigning. There is no actual evidence of wrong doing--just smoke, as in where there is smoke there is fire. Basically, it is just the press trying to do in DeLay for being a horses ass to them. They don't call DeLay "The Hammer" because he is a nice guy.

In Texas, there is a prosecuting attorney named Ronnie Earle. He is looking into the illegal funneling of monies into the redistricting activities that Tom DeLay did that guaranteed the republicians several more seats in the house of representatives before the 2004 election. Now this might amount to something. Earle is a bulldog and he goes after wrongdoers with a vengeance--republican or democrat. If DeLay is guilty of messing where he shouldn't have been messing, then he should pay the price. If Earle indicts Tom DeLay, you can bet that he feels he can get a conviction. If he does not. Then "The Hammer" is innocent of all wrong doing--at least as the letter of the law is concerned.

Newt was not a nice guy. Tom DeLay is worse, but if he isn't guilty of anything then the media needs to leave him alone. One thing about these guys, if they are doing things they shouldn't be doing, they won't ever stop. It just a mater of time. So natiional media, either come up with something or quit trying to invent something. Go interview Ronnie Earle down in Texas. If there is wrongdoing, there is where it will be found--deep in the heart of Texas.


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