Thursday, March 31, 2005

Musings 24--Thimerosal poisoning

I’ve been watching Don Imus in the morning again and he is educating everyone to the dangers of Thimerosal. Usually, I’m just slightly paying attention as I go from dozing to cpan--which makes me doze all the more.

Thimerosal is a mercury compound used as a preservative in all kinds of products. It seems that there may be a link to the latest upsurge in the birth of autistic children. (See link) It seems that this stuff has been used in everything the drug companies have made over the last half-century as a preserative. Thus, if you or your children have been vacinated, as most of us have, then we have been exposed to this mercury derivative--thimerosal.

When I was a kid we always used Mercurochome for cuts and scrapes. No more. The mercury is a contaminate. Even the mercury in old thermometers is dangerous. I can still remember pushing some mercury around my desk in science class when I was a kid. You could bust it up and it would roll right back together. When you are a kid, this was neat stuff. However, I was probably messing up my chromosomes. (Sorry Mick, I didn't know.)

The rate for autism has risen at an alarming rate over the last 20 years. It is now about 1 in 250 births. I think that this might just qualify as an epidemic. A quarter of a century ago the rate was like one in several thousand.

If you have children who must be vacinated, make sure that the serum is a single dose unit that hasn't been stored in thimersoal. It should tell you on the package. Supposedly, the drug companies have quit using it as a presevative agent. There are, however, stores of vacines that have been lying about for years. Drug companies are much too dollar conscious to throw it away. Plus, doctors probably have the stuff stored in coolers. Be careful!

Ain't it great that you save yourself from one thing only to be blasted by the thing that saved you. This is called irony, and it is a fact of life.


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