Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Musings 33--It could have happened!

I listened to Laura Bush do her thing at the National Press Cub Awards and couldn't help but wonder what the republicans would have said if a democrat had of said the exact same things about her husband and friends. They'd have howled and yelled bloody murder. I particularly liked her joke about Mr. President trying to milk a horse--a male horse. Great talk for religious folks, but I haven't heard a peep of outrage. Maybe they were all reviewing old tapes of Janet Jackson's superbowl wardrobe malfunction.

I had a buddy I was in the Marine Corps with, who loved to mess with people's heads. I remember once in the late-70's when we had a cook-out on the farm, and bunches of strange and unique people showed up. One fellow, a former tank commander in Viet Nam, that I had gotten to know when I did a two-year stint in ROTC at Marshall University was spinning tales about his war experiences. My Marine buddy, who had been wounded in both legs from shrapnel in South-East Asia, decided that the tank guy was full of crap and that he needed to be taken down a notch or two. Now at the time, we had about 60 head of cattle on the farm. We usually ran and old bull and a young one together on the pasture with the cows. (The philosophy was that if the old guy didn't get it done, the young guy would.)

We had this old bull that was very tame. He would allow you to catch flies off his back and basically do whatever you wanted to do to him--within the limits of smartness for a 2,000 pound pet. I lost track of my buddies at the party inquired as to where they were. My wife informed me that they were down in the barn. This piqued my interest and I ambled down there and found my Marine buddy trying to talk my tank commander buddy into getting over into the stable and milk the big cow. He had a bucket and everything. I quickly put a stop to it, because I knew that the bull was good natured but probably wouldn't appreciate someone pulling on his ding-dong. Some people can be pretty naive.

So when Laura Bush told that story, I know that it could have really happened. However, I feel that it probably didn't, because Mr. President is still alive today, and there isn't a horse following him around batting its eyelashes.

It kind of makes one ponder when you hear Tonto say, "Gitt'em up Scout."


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