Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Musings 32--More terror, more often

You won't find it in any government report, but terrorists attacks increase markedly last year. (See link.) I have to wonder how Mr. President will spin the hell out of this to make it a positive. Of course, he could just ignore it and pretend that it is inaccurate reporting by the liberal media.

According to the Washington Post article, terrorist attacks "more than tripled." That a hefty increase in anybody's book. To be fair, it is world wide terrorism that is being measured, not terrorism in the United States. We are still waiting for another big blast from Osama. Our leaders have done as much as they can to keep us scared to death that it is going to happen again. Personally, I think it will only happen if it looks like democracy is taking hold in Iraq. Terrorist like to do big things when they feel they are losing ground. A last gasp would be the destroying something big in the US to prove that they are still players.

If you couple this with the news that the Iraq arms inspector stated in a thousand page report that there is no evidence that WMD's were smuggled out of Iraq into Syria; then, you start to see a pattern. Maybe we went to war a bit too quickly.

I know that it is popular to say that Mr. President lied about WMD's. I don't think, though, that that is a good plan of action for those of us who didn't care for the quickness that we went to war. I think it has more to do with good judgment. What the lack of WMD's shows, is that Mr. President and his men made leaping conclusions about Iraq. I think they thought they could sell a war by scaring the bejesus out of everybody with weapons of mass destruction. I also think they succeeded--but their judgment was flawed. They wanted to go to war, and they did.

So has the war in Iraq made the world and us safer? Well, not by the facts, and like Joe Friday used to say, "just the facts" indicates that we are not safer but more at risk.

And so it goes...


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