Thursday, May 26, 2005

Musings 40--Bad winners and sore losers

So I went to get lunch today and the radio was on. Drug abuser Rush was bloveating over how Senator George V. Voinovich, R, Ohio had sold out the republican party. He was making childish voices and basically ripping the good senator apart.

George Voinovich is my state senator. I've e-mailed him several times. He really must be reading my e-mails because he is voting just the way I want him to vote on the John Bolton to the United Nations appointment. (At least that is what I tell myself.)

Oxy-Rush has always thought it was cute to ridicule fellow republicans when they don't toe the party line. In the case of Senator Voinovich, I'd be very careful. He has a long memory, and has a tendency to get even when he feels he has been slighted. I know this first-hand, since I was a school teacher in Ohio when Voinovich was governor. The teachers of the state went against Governor Voinovich and supported other candidates that they felt were closer to their interests. Governor Voinovich took great offense, and the educators of Ohio suffered for it. He refused to let by-gones be by-gones and just blasted us at every opportunity.

I know that Oxy-Rush is probably in a haze, and he can not think too straight. However, unless Voinovich has mellowed a bunch since his governor days, he will bide his time and bite Oxy-Rush in the seat of his husky britches. I'd pay good money to see that.

Conservatives tend to be bad winners and sore losers. They kind of remind me of a firing squad standing in a circle shooting each other while blaming the guy beside them for their bad aim.

Changing the subject: Journalist Helen Thomas maybe be older than dirt, and the Bushies may have done their best to move her out of press row, but she can still ask the tough questions. See the link. She layed it on Press Secretary Scott McClellan when he said that the United States were invited into Iraq and Afganistan. Don't you just love historical fiction? I know I do.


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