Friday, May 20, 2005

Musings 38--Score two for the Brits.

So you see, the first thing is this memo. A British memo released by the BBC which says that eight months before we went to war in Iraq, Mr. President was bending intelligence to fit his war scenario. Now this isn't much of a surprise to most of us, but to those that need evidence for such things it is vastly important.

None of the mainstream media have touched this. Eighty-nine members of congress took it upon themselves to ask Mr. President if it was true. He does not want to be bothered, and he has decided to ignore them. In my mind, this is the same as an admission of guilt.

Of course, it does not matter because that is hindsight. We should not dwell on the past. We should concentrate on winning the war in Iraq. All good patriots understand this. Remember, you are either with us or against us. I am starting to get a little ill--baw hack cough. It really does make ones stomach hurt.

Mr. President has done more in his five years to divide this country than any other president in my lifetime--including Richard Nixon. I told my wife the other day that I thought Mr. President was the anti-Christ. She did not laugh because she is a whole lot more republican than I am. I've got to re-read the Book of Revelation.

The second British thing is Scotsman George Galloway. He is the member of parliament that Senator Norm Coleman, R, MN, asked to appear before his committee looking into the oil for food scandal at the United Nations. Senator Coleman had made statements about Mr. Galloway's involvement in said scandal. Mr. Galloway took great offense and came to Washington set the record straight. He was sworn in by the committee and immediately went on the offensive. Basically, Mr. Galloway verbally kicked the crap out of Mr. Coleman and his committee. It was truly beautiful.

You have to admire someone who gets on an airplane and flys across the ocean to defend himself from a headline seeking senator. Senator Coleman had a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look on his face after Mr. Galloway unloaded on him. You got the impression that if Senator Coleman said much more, Mr. Galloway whould jump across the table and bang on his head. Now that would have been truly a great moment in British-American relations.


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