Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Musings 55--Rain and Rove

After nearly six weeks without hardly a sprinkle, the skies have opened up and given forth its bounty. Starting last Thursday it has rained off and on every day since. The world is green again and mother nature is spinning her blooms.

And speaking of spinning, how about Mr. President and that Rove fellow. Don't you just love it when the President of the United States keeps changing the bar as to what it takes to get rid of an intelligence leaker. Earlier it was "if anyone leaked" they were out. Now it is "if anyone is convicted" of a crime. That is a big change in standards, even for this president. I guess the next change will be "he's out if convicted and given twenty years--but five years is all right."

Oh well, it is Joe Wilson's fault anyway. Bad Joe, bad Joe for looking into the yellow cake story. These guy never make mistakes at this White House. Only democrats and Clintons make mistakes in the oval office. Spin, attack, spin, attack! No wonder Mr. President kind of staggers when he walks...he is just dizzy from all the spin.

It is kind of unique that Rove is now saying he got his information from journalist. Wow. Now that is a circle to follow. It will probably be enough to get him off, but it shouldn't be. Being the number one advisor to Mr. President, he should have known better. He should pay the price, but he won't. People like Karl Rove get away with evil every day of their lives.

You may or may not know that Rove has a reputation for being one of the all time dirty trick guys. He is so sneaky that he even had surveillance devices placed in his own office in Texas, years ago, so that he could say that people were spying on him. The FBI kind of undone him on that, but he still got Bush elected governor of Texas--twice. I really think he is Satan on hindlegs. If you squint you can sort of see the horns and tail.

I said once that Mr. President was the Anti-Christ that all the religious right worries about. I also thought that VP Cheney was the Dark Lord of the Sith. Mostly, I was kidding...I think. But Karl Rove is an evil person who will do anything to keep his position of power. Stay tuned this is going to get interesting.


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