Thursday, August 18, 2005

Musings 60--The Madness of King George, again!

So the King is in Crawford on his ranch taking vacation number 20 since he was first appointed by the supreme court to be commander-in-chief. This particular vacation is about five weeks long. My last one was eight days, but, in fairness, the King has a higher paygrade than I.

Cindy Sheehan has taken up semi-permanent residence on the road to Castle Crawford. She is a good lady who gave her son to King George's cause. She is not of noble birth so she cannot just waltz up the road and knock on the King's door. That would not be proper. Everyone has to know their place in King George country.

Cindy Sheehan would qualify as a serf to King George. Serfs always give a portion to the King, and Cindy Sheehan has given her portion, more than most--her son.

Cindy Sheehan wants an audience with the King. The King says that she had her audience last year. Being the busy guy that the king is, he does not have time to see her again. There is too much brush to cut and too many bicycles to fall off of. Also, one must not forget the fund raisers that take up so much of the kings time. I mean, you can't be a king if you pay too much attention to one person. It is all for the greater good, anyway.

The king drives by Cindy Sheehan whenever he decides to leave his Crawford castle. The dust stirred up by his horseless black SUV's settles nicely over the tent city called Camp Casey. Serfs are used to dust. It gives them character, and so does serving in the military while fighting the King's wars.

The king also has bunches of "yes men" who are in the process of spinning Cindy Sheehan's quest for an audience. Like all "yes men" they are feathering their own nests by doing so. The king rewards his servants who don't die for him. Those who die get their just rewards in heaven. The king must not take his eyes off the "greater good." It is good to be a king doing God's will on earth.

Bunches of folks placed crosses up along the road to Castle Crawford to commemorate the deaths in Iraq. A "good christian" man and a loyal subject of King George chained a pipe to his truck and ran over most of the crosses and about 70 flags. (Remember the flag? King George was all about an amendment to make it sacred when he was running for office.) Sometimes loyal subjects get a bit out of hand.

Years ago, I saw the movie "The Madness of King George." I have come to the conclusion that our current King George must be suffering from the same illness as the English guy. How else can one rationally understand the logic that rules our foreign policy. I hope he soon gets better, and, maybe--just maybe-- seeing Cindy Sheehan each day will help take the madness away.

Of course, no matter how bad things gets, we must say, "All hail King George. Long live the king"--because if anything happens to him we get Vice-King Dick. He would be madness squared.


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