Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Musings 64--Mr. President's watchful eyes...

So the horse show guy who ran FEMA into the ground in New Orleans is now gone. By all accounts, Mr. President did not know that Michael Brown had resigned. If this is true, it is just another in a growing list of dunderheaded things that make up the character of George W. Bush.

Back when the Homeland Security Department was established and all the "Chicken Little's" were screaming about the sky falling, I had serious reservations about creating a Nazi-sounding cabinet department out of wholecloth. (Every time I hear some use the term "homeland" it conjures up guys in black uniforms and goose stepping.) I was equally upset when FEMA was placed inside it. FEMA had been the one organization that had been pretty much above the political fray. The people at the top were professionals and had proven that they could respond to emergencies.

Under Mr. President, FEMA was gutted and good buddies were appointed to positions of authority. It basically became a place to park cronies of the Bush administration--I mean, how badly could they screw up emergency management. Most of those bozos had business degrees so they must have learned something. (For the record, I have a business degree and I would hate to have me in charge of anything bigger than a small print shop.)

Mr. President is now finding that his stock is dropping and that folks do not feel as secure as they once did under his tutelage. If you can't manage a hurricane then what would happen if a major terrorist attack hit a large metropolitan area? We know that hurricanes will come every year. We know that a terrorist attack may come in the future. My homeland doesn't feel so secure under Mr. President's watchful eyes.

Maybe the reason that Mr. President spends so much time in Crawford is that he figures that when the big one hits he has a good chance of being on vacation. It is a thought worth pondering.

I was hoping that maybe Mr. President would build from the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and learn some humility. He has never struck me as an humble person. I have never heard him admit a mistake. Of course, then his mother speaks of those "under-privileged" folks in the Houston Astrodome and I understand his lack of humility. Because if you have "under-privileged," then you have got to have "privileged." And, that puts the silver spoon in Mr. President's crooked little mouth.


At 9:18 PM, Blogger I Think You're All Idiots said...

Can you guess to whom the brainstorm originated to allow FEMA to be included in the Homeland Security blanket...None other than Hillary Rodham Rodham. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, she introduced the bill.
Wander if she'll take any hits on the chin?..Guess not.


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