Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Musings 61--Are Rush and Bush back on the drugs?

I read and then listened to Rush Limbaugh's rant about Cindy Sheehan being like the forged documents CBS used during the election. (See link) I told my wife that he was nuts. She agreed because she has never liked Rush, but I listen to him sometimes for amusement.

After Rush did his rant on Sheehan, he then said he didn't say it and tried to scrub the audio from the airwaves. (See link) Alas, it was all over the place anyway. Now this is not like the little slimeball to just outright lie. Usually, he tells just enough truth to save his bacon when he gets caught. Thus, I come to the conclusion that he is back on the dope. He has made several miscues of late--miscues that he wouldn't make if he were thinking straight. I suppose that his fans will defend him no matter what. Fools usually can't stop being fools. It is a life long pursuit.

Now Mr. President is seemingly in the same boat. We know that he used to tip the bottle quit a bit back in the day. (For those of you less informed--yes, booze is a drug.) I used to think that his pig-headedness was just his nature. But, upon reflection, I now conclude that he is back on the booze. How else can you answer his weird behavior in Texas with the Sheehan lady. Even Richard Nixon saw that it was fruitless to beat a dead horse when his poll numbers were at 39 percent. Mr. President's is a 36 percent and falling like a rock. Methinks there is liquid refresher somewhere in that bike he rides all over the place. That could also be the reason he wrecks so much.

I think that we should get Mr. President and Rush together and let them have a party. They could pop pills and drink booze and talk about their great scamming of the American people with the war in Iraq. I am told that it does not take much booze or dope to give one a false sense of security. Thus, they could both just pig-out on their drug of choice.

Now I just read that Lance Armstrong is being investigated for using banned substances in that French bike race he has won so often. Since he and Mr. President went for a ride down in Crawford, I must conclude that there is something funny going on there too. If evidence comes out that Rushbo was close by then I think I am really on to something.

It would all be pretty funny if there weren't lives in the balance. So get some help Mr. President. Join AA. You could probably really get into that "Hello my name is Mr. President and I'm an alcoholic," thing they do. And Rush...ah, hell...keeping poping those pills. They're good for your heart.


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